US Small Cap Strategy

Inception Date: MAY 01, 2021

Seeks attractive risk-adjusted returns versus the Russell 2000 Value Index over a full market cycle.

Investment Philosophy

The team’s US small cap strategy focuses on characteristics such as inefficiently valued assets, turnarounds, accelerating growth and overlooked leaders, that may benefit from catalysts such as new management, a more favorable business cycle, product innovation, and/or margin improvement.
The team believes fundamental research can uncover opportunities to invest in companies that are attractively valued and have the potential to benefit from catalysts for future earnings recovery.


Strategy Highlights

  • True Small Cap Specialists

    The seasoned management team has deep experience leveraging opportunities offered by small and micro-cap companies across market cycles.

  • Catalyst-Driven Value

    Employs in-house fundamental research in an effort to identify temporarily mispriced companies with potential catalysts for earnings-growth normalization.

  • Volatility Leads to Potential Opportunity

    Small cap market inefficiencies can create attractive opportunities for disciplined active investors, and broad portfolio diversification helps mitigate potential downside in a volatile investment universe.

Our Process

Our disciplined investment approach is executed by an experienced team, which is critical in an asset class where volatility and a lack of efficiency provide an opportunity for active investors.

  1. Risk Disclosures

  2. All investments involve the risk of loss of principal.

  3. The value and liquidity of portfolio holdings may fluctuate in response to events specific to the companies or markets, as well as economic, political or social events in the United States or abroad. During periods of market volatility, the value of individual securities and other investments at times may decline significantly and rapidly. The securities of small and micro-size companies can be more volatile in price than those of larger companies and may be more difficult or expensive to trade.

  4. There are risks associated with investing in securities of foreign countries, such as erratic market conditions, economic and political instability and fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

  5. A principal risk of investing in value stocks is that the price of the security may not approach its anticipated value or may decline in value. “Value” investments, as a category, or entire industries or sectors associated with such investments, may lose favor with investors as compared to those that are more “growth” oriented.

  6. Disclosures

  7. These are not investment guidelines or restrictions and will be subject to change. Actual portfolio will differ.

  8. FEF Distributors, LLC (“FEFD”) (SIPC), a limited purpose broker-dealer, distributes certain First Eagle products. FEFD does not provide services to any investor, but rather provides services to its First Eagle affiliates. As such, when FEFD presents a fund, strategy, or other product to a prospective investor, FEFD and its representatives do not determine whether an investment in the fund, strategy or other product is in the best interests of, or is otherwise beneficial or suitable for, the investor. No statement by FEFD should be construed as a recommendation. Investors should exercise their own judgment and/or consult with a financial professional to determine whether it is advisable for the investor to invest in any First Eagle fund, strategy, or product.

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