Press and Announcements

  • First Eagle in MarketWatch

    | There was a time when investors who needed income played it safe by purchasing bonds with attractive yields that were rated investment-grade for credit quality. But that style of income investing hasn’t worked for some time — bond yields are too low.
  • Bill Hench featured in CityWire

    | One of the most notable manager moves of the year came in April, when the highly rated small-cap manager Bill Hench and his team left Royce Investment Partners and joined First Eagle Investment Management.
  • Matthew McLennan on Bloomberg Markets

    | Watch Matt on Bloomberg TV as he discusses why gold may be a wise choice as a potential hedge, particularly amidst the current inflationary environment, why Bitcoin and gold can coexist together and the transformation we...
  • Matt McLennan featured in Barron's

    | While many investors are rejoicing in the market’s sumptuous returns over the last year, Matthew McLennan is wary. Deviating from the crowd is nothing new for McLennan, who oversees the $89 billion global value team at...