Investment Philosophy

The U.S. Value Fund’s philosophy reflects the teachings of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. We believe there is a persistent market failure to recognize a company’s intrinsic value. The Fund attempts to exploit this failure on behalf of our investors through a bottom-up, fundamental investment approach.

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    Focus on Absolute Returns

    We attempt to avoid the permanent impairment of capital and generate long-term positive absolute returns across market cycles.

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    Flexible, Benchmark-Agnostic Approach

    The Fund has the ability to invest across asset classes, regions, sectors/industries and market-capitalization ranges, without regard to a benchmark.

  • Bottom Up Investing

    Seeks Downside Mitigation

    Our attempts to avoid the permanent loss of capital result in a portfolio that has exposure to US equities purchased with what we believe to be a "margin of safety" in price.

Our Process

The fundamental research process has remained constant since the inception of the Fund. The Fund looks for opportunities in companies that have temporarily disappointed investors; industries in turmoil or out of favor; and countries in economic downturns or overlooked by the market.

The investment process involves the following steps:

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    Analyze, Understand Business Models

    Thoroughly understand a company and the market in which it operates. Among other critical factors, the team’s document-driven analysis examines:

    • A company’s market share
    • The nature of its products and its business contingencies
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    Recast Financial Statements

    Financial statements are recast because:

    • Conservative accounting practices can mask the true earnings power of a company
    • In our view, accounting practices are sometimes too liberal

    Our goal is to uncover a company’s true economic earnings using only demonstrated results.

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    Calculate Intrinsic Value

    The team places great emphasis on:

    • Balance sheet valuation (such as Enterprise Value to Asset Replacement Value)
    • Cash flow valuation (such as EV/EBIT)

    Investments are made based on significant discounts to what is believed to be a company’s intrinsic value

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    Typically Invest for the Long Term

    The team typically seeks a discount to what they believe is a company’s intrinsic value

    • They seek further downside mitigation by determining a “margin of safety” in each holding
    • This “margin of safety” is viewed as a form of risk mitigation against uncertainty in a fundamentally unknowable future.