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Partnering in Support of Financial Wellness

Partnering in Support of Financial Wellness

In a world of high inflation, rising interest rates, turbulent capital markets and freeform uncertainty, company-sponsored financial wellness programs have become the subject of increased attention. Employers want to empower employees in pursuit of their financial goals while alleviating the personal stressors that can weigh on retention, productivity, and mental health—and in the process potentially differentiate their workplace in what remains a competitive labor market.1

This dynamic provides an opportunity for retirement professionals. Those that can contribute to plan sponsors’ efforts to spark greater employee engagement with financial wellness initiatives may bolster their existing client relationships and enhance the overall capabilities of their practice. First Eagle stands ready to help. We can provide resources to supplement existing financial wellness programs that help plan sponsors and retirement professionals build thoughtful, well-rounded programs. We have developed a number of participant-oriented value-add tools that financial professionals can leverage to deliver a high-caliber, differentiated experience for their plan sponsor clients and promote financial wellness among their plan participants. These include:

Client Engagement Series. We have developed a collection of events designed to both attract plan participants and connect them to the guidance they need. These include, for example, a “401(k) Day” in which fun activities and tasty snacks are accompanied by presentations emphasizing the importance of retirement saving. First Eagle can provide detailed implementation plans for these events, including everything from client-segmentation strategies to sample language for invitations.

Behavioral Finance. It’s not market volatility but investors’ reaction to it that tends to have the largest impact on portfolio performance over time. First Eagle’s behavioral finance program is designed to help plan participants remain focused on their carefully constructed long-term financial goals without being distracted by short-term noise. Our participant-friendly materials reinforce the key lesson that impulsive decisions today may risk the permanent impairment of capital and potentially diminish the likelihood of achieving financial goals.


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Understanding Medicare from A to D.  The seminar walks plan participants through the essentials of Medicare, providing them with an overview of the program, details of the enrollment process, strategies for coordinating Medicare benefits with other forms of insurance, and the resources available to help them.

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Source: Medicare Rights Center© 2022.

Thought Leadership. First Eagle’s regular flow of market-related content can encourage employee engagement on the topics most relevant to their financial wellness and reinforce the key tenets of long-term investment.

With an investment philosophy centered on generating attractive real investment returns over the long term through active, all-weather strategies, First Eagle firmly believes that thoughtful and consistent risk exposure is essential to achieving long-term financial goals. Please contact your First Eagle representative for further information about the tools, programs and strategies that may help your plan sponsor clients promote financial wellness among their employees.

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First Eagle aims to provide financial professionals with holistic support for their practice, from portfolio analysis to client engagement to helping with team integration and planning.


1Source: 2022 PwC Employee Financial Wellness Survey; as of February 2022.

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